ARTNAUKA: Physics of the Impossible

For many years, arts has been trying to make ties with science, employing it for the benefit of arts.

To put it bluntly, yes, science doesn’t need arts, but arts definitely need science, especially now, when the competition is really tight in arts. In the past, arts used to boast emotion, but now, emotion is getting a bit too much, so arts has to sharpen its edge by shaking hand with science in order to be able to cut a slice of the economic pie.

In visual arts, many artists has employed science, from mathematics to chemistry to create new media. In performance, the same collaboration between science and arts does happen, but it requires another mile, because it is live science on stage and if done well, it will impose live effect to the audience and most importantly, a live experience.

ARTNAUKA:CryoEffect — Ultracold Phenomenon

Artnauka, a Russian company, has developed a show employing liquid Nitrogen to create amazing spectacles on stage. Their 8-11 minutes show boasts a usage of 120 litres of liquid nitrogen, 5 specialists on stage, -195.75 degrees celcius and many more. As seen in the video above, Artnauka managed to take the best of liquid nitrogen for visual that is hard to achieve on stage if we use our standard theatre equipments like smoke machine or hazer. In such a short span of time, Artnauka is able to give you 8-11 minutes of live thrill.

Of course, Artnauka is not the only company providing science effects for shows. There are many other companies selling carbondioxide-based effect. But Artnauka is one the bravest company to use liquid nitrogen, along with its danger and consequences, and turn it into an enjoyable show sans the risk, because they are backed up by a team of chemistry, physics and mathematics professionals.

For big events or festivals, hiring Artnauka team will definitely add some serious punch to your show and leave your audience in awe.

However, for smaller theatre companies, or independent theatre makers, Ultracold phenomenon is still a dream away. To hire Artnauka means we have to pay one big sum of money to fly in the full package of Artnauka specialist team along with their liquid nitrogen and gadgets. It is sad to be a puppy in the industry, isn’t it? We can’t bite as deep as the greater dogs out there, because our teeth have not fully grown.

While I fully understand the reason why we have to buy the full package of specialist team and the liquid nitrogen (liquid nitrogen is dangerous if used without professional supervision due to its very low temperature), I still hope that soon Artnauka could develop a cheaper tool for smaller budgeted clients. Maybe liquid nitrogen in a spray can complete with the safety gear and instruction, or a small machine with refillable liquid nitrogen? Or maybe Artnauka could experiment with safer material that could be obtained more easily by smaller budgeted clients?

The door for many opportunities is still wide open for Artnauka to experiment with other materials, and to hopefully create a more convenient solution for everyone in the performance industry.

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2 thoughts on “ARTNAUKA: Physics of the Impossible

  1. Thanks for your opinion about us, it is really very imortant and useful to look at ourself from the outside.
    Hope to see you soon at our performance!

    Ekaterina Pakhomova

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